Any true, hockey-loving Canadian knows the importance of a little bit of pond hockey. But, this backyard rink in Edmonton has taken that idea to a whole new level. A local dad (and former Zamboni driver, among other things) has created one of the best we’ve ever seen. What’s more- he documented the whole thing!

In a video released mid-December, Jeff Nash detailed his entire process on his YouTube channel (and his Instagram), Rinks Around the League. But, rather than going all-out with boards, netting and the like, he kept things ‘old school’. But honestly, we think it worked out in his favour anyway.

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Using plain old snow as a base, Nash was able to turn his otherwise average backyard (no offense) into every hockey lover’s dream space. What’s more, once the first few layers of ice were down, he applied some paint to give it that truly authentic look.

And we gotta say, the end result is pretty inspiring. Turns out you don’t need thousands of dollars to build these things, and this backyard rink in Edmonton is a shining example of that!

Now, if you need us, we’ll be reaching out to our friends with backyards with the above video, because we’re feeling the shinny vibes this weekend.