Now that the frigid temperatures have taken a breather, we couldn’t be more excited to share the news about a new bar and hotspot coming to Edmonton’s ICE District! Two Alberta-born brands, the Canadian Brewhouse and The Banquet, recently shared the news, and we’re delivering it to you. Let’s check it out!

The Edmonton franchise The Canadian Brewhouse has joined forces with The Banquet, out of Fort McMurray, for this unique concept. According to their announcements, the new space will be a combination of a classic bar experience with some over the top flair. What kind of flair, you ask? Good question.

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The current plan involves outdoor fireplaces and various games to play, all overlooking the plaza. So if you, like us, are hoping to trounce your friends in crokicurl, then this just might have what you need. We’ll take plain old cornhole as well though, don’t get us wrong.

But, there’s something even more impressive in the works. According to The Canadian Brewhouse, this new spot will also offer ‘sub-zero vodka tasting in a room made entirely of blocks of ice and snow’. That’s right, no more struggling to build your own backyard tasting room- you can enjoy a professional experience here!

We’ll be on the lookouts for the official date, but this new bar in the ICE District is set to open soon, and we can’t wait!