If there’s one thing that can help us get over the holiday haze and the return-to-work blues, it is the melodious crack of a crisp beer. And thanks to Alberta Beer Festival, we can now enjoy a whole bunch of delicious cold ones at the Jasper Beer and Spirits Festival. Yup, it’s back people and we have more than one reason to rejoice.

The festival will be taking place on Feb 11 and 12 at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (JPL). Each evening, there’s going to be a different line-up of beers and spirits by 26 local breweries to enjoy. 

jasper beer festival
Photo via ABF

Plus, being at the JPL means that you can have your fill of the snowy outdoors, spectacular views, and master chef-crafted deliciousness. The time you aren’t spending beer and spirit-tasting, you could be snowshoeing, ice-skating, experiencing cooking demos, doing yoga, or simply taking in the snow-laced views for days.

Of course, all that beer and spirit and the fact that we’ll get to enjoy it all at one of the dreamiest of destinations are something we are looking forward to. But there’s more!

jasper beer festival
Photos via ABF

This year, the festival comes with a whole week of beer and spirit-themed fun across the city. In celebration of the Jasper Beer and Spirits Week, they’re going to be several activations across town. Want beer pairing dinner? You got it. Scotch tasting? You got it. tip and tricks of cocktail-making? You got that too.

Alberta Beer Festival’s website is your best friend for everything there is to know about the Japer Beer and Spirits Festival, related activities, and the COVID safety measures in place. Ready to plan your trip? Snatch some tickets first! 

Drinks, food and views, just what we needed to up our spirits, eh!

When: Jasper Beer & Spirits Festival: Feb 11-12th; Jasper Beer & Spirits Week: Feb 7-13th