Attention, Metro Vancouver residents. If you’re planning on venturing outside anytime this weekend, warm layers are absolutely key. According to a new warning from Environment Canada, we’ll be feeling a “wind chill of -20°C.”

As of 5:01 am on Thursday, January 11th, an Arctic Outflow Warning is in effect in Metro Vancouver, Greater Victoria, Fraser Valley, and the Southern Gulf Islands, bringing a risk of frostbite and hypothermia.

According to the warning, arctic air combined with strong outflow winds of up to 60 km/hr will generate “wind chill values of -20°C beginning on Thursday night.”

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wind chill vancouver
Photo via Environment Canada

In addition to the cold, snow is in the forecast for Thursday afternoon and evening, followed by clear skies until Monday, January 15th.

While the wind chill is expected to lessen by Saturday afternoon, it’s not clear when Metro Vancouver will be warming up significantly. So break out all your warm layers, wool socks, blankets, and winter gear – because you’ll need it all this weekend.

“Frostbite and hypothermia can occur within minutes if adequate precautions are not taken when outdoors,” says Environment Canada in the warning. “Any skin exposure will result in frostbite.”

Note that the City of Vancouver opens warming centres and shelters across the city whenever the temperatures drop to -4 or below, or feel like -4.

So there you have it, Metro Vancouverites. Cover as much exposed skin as possible, stay dry, and stay tuned for more weather updates as they come.

Stay warm out there!