Canadians are no strangers to ice and snow, but some destinations are more frigid than others.

In fact, according to WX-Now some of the coldest places in the world right now are in Canada.

From high winds and precipitation, some northern forecasts are giving us chills, but we’re hoping those in Northwest Territories and Nunavut are staying especially warm today.

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While things will likely change throughout the day, Aklavik in the Northwest Territories is currently listed as one of the coldest places on the globe at a whopping -42°C, second only to Yakutsk in Russia, which is -43°C.

Other Canadian cities mentioned were Fort Mcpherson, which is currently at -40°C and Trail Valley at -39°C, both of which are also in the Northwest Territories

Paulatuk, NWT was on their list as well with a freezing -38°C, but of course, no matter where you are today – it’s important to be smart and dress appropriately.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, the chance of getting frostbite increases rapidly at windchill values below -27°C and while major cities like Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal are just under or above 0°C – the time will come.

Photo via WX-Now

It’s crisp out there for some of you,  so if you require any more information about how to prepare or take care of your family in the cold or would like to see if there are any weather warnings in your area, we recommend that you visit the Government’s website, after all – knowledge is power!

Alternatively, if you’d like to see a complete list of the coldest places in the world, you can visit the WX-Now website as well.

Good luck, be kind and stay safe! Heck, maybe treat yourself today. You deserve it.