It’s rare that Vancouver makes it to January without a single day of significant snowfall, yet here we are. After a mild start to winter, there’s finally snow in the forecast this week – so break out your winter boots and warmest layers, because we’re about to be hit with a blast of winter weather in Vancouver.

Special Weather Statement

According to a Special Weather Statement issued by Environment Canada, approaching storms will bring snow and below-freezing temperatures to the coast starting January 8th and Tuesday, January 9th.

“A series of storms will bring winter weather conditions along the BC coast from today through Tuesday,” states the weather statement.

“Today, there will be the potential for snow to reach sea level along the coastal sections of the south coast. Mild air moving into the region will help transition any snow to rain likely by later this afternoon. Tonight, the rain will become heavy with the most significant amounts expected for West Vancouver Island.”

The statement adds that very strong winds will develop on the west side of the Island this evening, reaching the inner south coast on Monday night and Tuesday.

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vancouver winter weather forecast
Photo via Environment Canada

And if that’s not enough to shake up your week, there’s also a risk of thunderstorms forecasted overnight on Monday and early Tuesday morning.

Starting Thursday, January 11th, Vancouverites can expect below-freezing temperatures to set in. Environment Canada forecasts a daytime high of -2 to -1 degrees on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with snow and flurries in the forecast on all four days.

Thursday to Saturday nighttime lows are between -8 to -6 degrees, so if you’re planning on heading out after sunset, be sure to bundle up.

So there you have it, Vancouver! If you’ve been waiting for the snow to fall this season, now’s your chance to enjoy it.