Have things seemed a little quiet on the Amazon front recently? Well, we have an interesting tidbit of information about the tech giant for you. And that is that Amazon is allegedly in talks to acquire MGM for a price tag of around $9 billion. That’s probably a screaming deal for Bezos and us too as Amazon Studios might get an upgrade.

All along Amazon has been expanding its holdings by buying companies. The last big one that you probably remember was Whole Foods Market and that purchase really helped the company up its Amazon Prime offerings. Now they’re looking at doing something similar with the potential purchase of MGM. This purchase would make Amazon Prime an even bigger streaming and production giant as MGM has a LOT of film and TV content from its 97-year history.

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Spending another $9 billion would be a quick win for the company considering that Amazon spent $11 billion on TV shows, movies, and music for Prime in 2020. And we have to say that we really don’t see the streaming obsession ending anytime soon. So this purchase will probably serve the company in many ways for years to come.

Now with big mergers and sales like these, the closing will probably take a while. And remember that this isn’t fully confirmed but if this much info is out about it already you can assume that it’s probably happening. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.