When you think of Seattle there’s one beverage that probably comes to mind first – coffee. And now a group of Seattle food scientists, chefs, entrepreneurs, and coffee lovers have to come together to create coffee without beans. Sounds crazy right? Well, it just might be, but it’s also wildly cool AND serves an important purpose. Let’s take a look at the beanless coffee created by Seattle’s own Atomo Coffee.

Atomo Molecular Coffee is working to create a coffee that isn’t only delicious, but is also better for the planet. It turns out that coffee farming has some pretty negative impacts on the environment and, to the surprise of no one, the demand for the drink is only going up. So with that in mind, the folks at Atomo realized that they needed to and could change the coffee game. That means, they’re creating coffee by rebuilding it from the atom up by “using plants that mirror elements in your everyday brew”.

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Some of those plants include things like seeds, kernels, pits, stems, and leaves. And it just so happens that a lot of these items are traditionally thrown away in food processing. So Atomo is working to take those items back and give them a new life in the form of molecular coffee. And that means you’re still getting all the amazing benefits like antioxidants, polyphenols, and of course, caffeine.

Plus for those of you who need or want decaf, Atomo will be able to create the world’s first truly decaf coffee because they simply won’t add caffeine to the mix. So there’s something for everyone to love!

Now you might be wondering, what about coffee farmers? Atomo doesn’t want to put farmers out of business, instead, they want to help alleviate some of the pressure for production. So that means coffee farmers and molecular coffee can coexist. If you ask us, it sounds like a great idea and we’re very proud that it’s happening right here in Seattle.

If you’d like to learn more about Atomo Molecular Coffee you can click here. And if you’re wondering, the first available molecular coffees are set to launch this year and will cost about the same as a specialty coffee. So we’ll definitely want to get our hands on a cup or two!