On Thursday, representatives from our provincial government announced a new Alberta vaccine card program is coming. However, they are taking a different approach than other Canadian provinces, since the card will not be a ‘vaccine passport’. Yeah, the Flames have more stringent measures than the province right now. Here’s what to know.

Basically, the MyHealth section of the Alberta government website will show the vaccination records of residents, including vaccination against COVID-19. However, the government does not anticipate introducing a provincial-wide ‘vaccine passport’. Instead, they will leave those decisions up to private businesses (like the Flames, as we mentioned).

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These cards will be available either to print off, or for saving onto one’s phone. According to officials, the cards should be ready sometime by September. There was no update on how these cards, and especially the print-at-home version, will be verified by any private organizations who wish to require them. So hopefully, that update will come in the next few weeks.

While there’s no official press release for the Alberta vaccine card yet, this CTV News article was retweeted by Alberta’s Minister of Health, Tyler Shandro, which is more or less the same thing, we guess. For more information, click the link above.