You would never hide anything that lacked in value so when a restaurant is willing to sneakily open something like a cocktail bar right under our noses, we know that it just has to be good. Located in Canmore, Bar Deja Vu is sneakily tucked behind 4269 by Chef Blake Flann (an incognito spot that is a must-visit), solidifying its place as the area’s very FIRST speakeasy – and it’s about time!

If Banff is a wholesome mountain town, Canmore is like its chill younger sibling. Though they both offer incredible views, Canmore is typically where you go to avoid some of the busier crowds and just have a few beers, cocktails, or some insanely tasty food before or after going for a hike with your friends.

For this reason, it only makes sense that they have a bar like this one!

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Like the restaurant that you’ll find it in, Bar Deja Vu is mysterious, unique, and serves some unreal-looking cocktails.

From the Plume to their beautifully garnished chilli cocktail, their menu is a ton of fun and super inventive, which is super motivating if you’re the type to order the same dang thing all of the time.

Like to stick to the classics? Don’t worry, those are on their list as well, but – there’s really no need to be afraid!


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If you’re feeling like you want to live outside the box, head over to Canmore’s 4269 which you can find just off Mainstreet in an alleyway (see address below), then head to the washrooms and push open the mirror to your left.

Trust us when we say that your friends will practically lose their minds if you’re willing to keep it a surprise – just remember, have a great time, drink responsibly and be kind! You’re in for one hell of an experience!

BAR DEJA VU | 4296

Where: 3-626 Main St. Canmore, AB
Instagram: @bardejavucanmore