Big news, fans – especially if you haven’t gotten the jab yet. Following in the footsteps of other Canadian associations, Calgary Sports and Entertainment has just announced that anyone attending an in-person event at either the Saddledome or McMahon Stadium must prove that they’ve been FULLY vaccinated before entering.

That’s right, folks. As of September 15, those who are eligible to get immunized and have a ticket to a hockey, Lacrosse or football game will have to bring their papers or they will be denied entry.

This will not only apply to guests but also to their staff as well.

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“As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, CSEC believes this policy to be essential in delivering a safe environment for our fans and staff as well as an important measure to help our communities and businesses to continue reopening safely,” they said in a press release.

Unfortunately, as of right now that is really all of the information that the organization has released but they have promised to update the public in the near future.

Have tickets to one of the upcoming Stamps games? Don’t fret. Proof of vaccination for any game between now and the 15th of September whether or not you’ve got the shot you’ll still be able to check it out.

How do you feel about this, Calgary? Will you still be checking out a Flames game when our boys return to the ice despite their new COVID vaccination restrictions, or will you just catch them on TV? What about a football match? Let us know!