Every neighbourhood has one family that takes Christmas more seriously than everyone on the block. In Alberta about a half out outside of Edmonton, that family is the Harringa’s who have made a name for themselves for having a near-identical light display to the Griswold’s in the iconic holiday movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. 

With thousands upon thousands of lights, an RV, a life-sized statue of Cousin Eddy – who you’ll remember as the movie’s wildcard character – some reindeer, and even a scaled-down version of the family vehicle, a 1989 Ford Taurus Wagon, this display is incredibly elaborate.

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Photo via Jon Harringa / Facebook

In fact, it’s so on par, that last year the Alberta Griswold Christmas Lights House garnered international attention and was featured by publications all over Canada and in New York. 

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, which we’d highly recommend, the house is free to visit and will light up the night until the New Year – so don’t hesitate!

Photo via Jon Harringa / Facebook

It won’t be long until everything is unplugged and you won’t be able to tell one house from another.


Where: 64 Briarwood Point in Stony Plain