After everything that we’ve been through and missed out on over the last two years, each and every one of us deserves an extra special Christmas; one that ends with a rum-nog hangover and a stomach full of turkey, but begins with the whimsy of cutting your very own tree. Luckily, Alberta has plenty of places to cut your own Christmas tree.

Now, while you could just go to a lot or set up an artificial evergreen or head to a tree lot, we honestly believe that there’s nothing quite like going out into the woods wearing matching flannel with your loved ones – but where do you go?

Before you head for a field of trees with an axe and pair of mittens, it’s important that you apply for a permit – and that know where you can and can’t go whacking!

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Luckily, the government of Alberta has created a series of maps that show you where it’s okay to cut down a fir after you’ve obtained a Personal Use Forest Products Permit.

To be eligible for this permit you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A resident of Alberta
  • In good standing with the Crown (relating to timber, grazing and land use)
  • And be fully aware that there are risks associated with cutting down your own tree.

From the Rocky Mountain House Area to Fort Mac, this link has over 30 colour-coordinated spots that pinpoint where Albertans can harvest their own tree – and what rules they’ll have to follow before and after selecting one – so check it out!

If you have any more questions regarding tree cutting in Alberta or how to obtain a permit you can visit the official government website here. 

Now get going, folks! Your living room is dying for a little holiday action – we can feel it!