This year calls for an extra special holiday season. One that ends with a rum-nog hangover and a stomach full of turkey, but begins with the whimsy of cutting your very own pine giant. Luckily, not only does Alberta have a ton of places to cut your own Christmas tree, the province has released a map of where you can do so.

While you could just set up an artificial evergreen, many choose to instead, don some flannel and hit Canada’s woodland areas – but not without reading the rulebook first.

The most important thing to note? First, you’ll have to apply for a Personal Use Forest Products Permit!

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Photo via Shutterstock

To be eligible for this permit you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A resident of Alberta
  • In good standing with the Crown (relating to timber, grazing and land use)
  • And be fully aware that there are risks associated with cutting down your own tree.

Second, you’ll need to head to their website.

Here, those looking to harvest a Christmas tree in Alberta can actually see where they’re able to get chop-happy this winter.

Ready to apply for your own PUFPP? You can visit the official Government website here.

Now get going, folks! Your living room is dying for a little holiday action – we can feel it!