Helllooooo, Alberta! Let’s all take a deep breath of that crisp, refreshing air that comes with being one of the coldest places on Earth. On second thought, maybe don’t. Maybe wait until you don’t have to worry about your windpipe freezing shut first.

According to The Weather Network, Edmonton might break a record tomorrow. The projected -30 should be able out a previous low of -28.3 set back in 2005. And with the wind chill, Edmonton might grace the list of coldest places on Earth. Antarctica, Russia, Edmonton… a good trio.

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Meanwhile, Calgary isn’t faring much better, with a forecast of -27. However, that temperature seems downright balmy when compared to the record low of -37 set over a hundred years ago. Heck, we can already see a guy walking around in shorts claiming that it’s “not that cold”.

In all seriousness though, it is that cold. Stay aware over these next few days, Alberta! If you see someone in need of assistance, make sure to notify the authorities.

And don’t shy away from the hot chocolate.