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Leopold’s Tavern is bringing their legendary poutine to Edmonton

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Here’s a little good news to warm up an otherwise frigid Monday. Leopold’s Tavern, the much-loved Canadian pub franchise, has announced that they’re coming to Edmonton this summer! Now, you’re probably thinking “another franchise restaurant, sweet“.

We don’t blame you, and normally we would say the same thing. However, our colleagues in Calgary have given this place the thumbs up. While we don’t often rely on them for good taste, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time.

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leopold's tavern

Leopold’s Tavern offers classic pub fare like cheeseburgers, nachos and wings. But, they’ve also got plant-based and gluten-friendly options (that are actually tasty) for those with dietary restrictions. And of course, it’s hard to ignore the over-the-top bucket of poutine on offer for brave diners.

Plus, Leopold’s Tavern has a proven track record of entering pretty recognizable spaces and keeping them as part of the community. Edmonton should be no different, since they’ve chosen the historic Strathcona Hotel, a building that actually predates Edmonton by one year.

Not a bad start. We’ll keep you posted on the opening date as more information becomes available!

Leopold’s Tavern

When: Slated to open summer 2020
Where: 10302 82nd Avenue

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