If you’re a chronically late traveller with rarely any time to spare before your flight, Air Canada is now giving you no choice. Starting today, you’ll be required to check-in and drop off your bags at least 90 minutes before your flight to any international or U.S. destination from Toronto’s Pearson Airport if you’re flying with Air Canada.

Prior to today, the airline’s cutoff time was 60 minutes before departure for international flights, but in an effort to reduce congestion at security and customs, Air Canada has changed its rules.

The airline has also introduced a new queue system for security and customs to keep lines moving quickly. “After you check-in, look for the signage to see which queue you should enter for your flight,” Air Canada tweeted last week.

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According to Pearson Airport, passengers are advised to arrive at least 3 hours before their flight to international destinations, so by comparison, Air Canada’s cutoff time is more than reasonable. Pearson’s recommended time window for flights within Canada is 90 minutes.

This comes as the federal government prepares to roll out a national vaccine passport and make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for all air and rail passengers in Canada. The passport will be unveiled in the coming weeks and the vaccine mandate will be in effect by the end of this month.