The second annual abillion’s Cities of the Future report is out, ranking some of the world’s largest cities based on their commitment and contributions towards sustainability efforts. Out of the 10 major cities named, only one Canadian city was ranked as one of the greenest on Earth.

In order to compile this report, consumer review platform abillion took a look at reviews along multiple ‘dimensions’, and tracked publicly available information about policy commitments towards the UN sustainable development goals, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste management.

Cities were then placed in a scoring framework featuring four categories ranging from best 1.0 to the worst, 5.0.

In first place came São Paulo in Brazil; Madrid, Spain, in second, and Toronto is in third.

The Canadian city managed to score 2.6 in Plant-based living, 5.0 in GHG Emissions, 1.0 in waste, 1.0 in Policy rank, and scored a 2.1 overall.

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Photo via abillion

According to abillion, Toronto saw an improvement compared to 2022’s numbers where it stood at 2.3 and has since managed to move up four places.

The report mentions many of the city’s efforts to plant-based efforts like the Vegandale festival and its strong vegan community. It also reviewed over 4,000 plant-based CPG products and about 1,200 dishes at restaurants that are vegan-friendly.

As for the workforce, Toronto has a number of start-ups on the go based on sustainability like developing clean energy technologies and improving waste management practices. The city is also home to some of the most sustainable companies in the world which definitely helps its push towards a more green-conscious future.

This isn’t the first time Toronto received nods for its sustainability efforts. The University of Toronto scored major points for its efforts to help the world’s environmental and social issues.

Though we’re not surprised to see Toronto on the list, Vancouver nor Montreal made the list and they’ve been known for being some of the world’s leaders in sustainability.

Maybe next year we’ll see more Canadian names AND a higher ranking for our beloved metropolitan city.