When it comes to sustainability, there are several factors that make it up, besides the environment. Although leading countries in the world are making strides to become more sustainable in all aspects, some are just doing better than most. And if you’re basing your next travel adventure on a country’s sustainability efforts, you may want to read this.

A new ranking is out listing the most sustainable travel destinations in the world and it looks like one Canadian city made it into the top 30.

In a new report by the Global Destinations Sustainability Movement, cities were ranked based on a multitude of indicators from categories like the economy, environment, and social sustainability.

Analyzing cities across the globe, only the top 30 were ranked and only one Canadian city made the cut. And no, we didn’t land in the top 10 or even the top 20.

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Photo via GDS Index 2022

The only Canadian city to make the list is Montreal with a sustainability index of 74.5%, in 24th place. According to GDS, in comparison to last year’s results, Montreal has improved in terms of the environment, noting that 97% of its electricity comes from renewable sources.

However, the city fell slightly below 2021’s numbers when it comes to the social aspect of sustainability, scoring a 74 out of 100 on the corruption perception index.

Though seeing a slight growth but nothing to really cheer about just yet, is the supplier category. Montreal saw low percentages in the number of sustainable hotels and venues available in the city. They could do better.

Though 24th isn’t that bad, considering Montreal is the only Canadian city to make the list – it just goes to show how much work needs to be done by our other leading cities to be more sustainable.

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