Looking for some Toronto real estate? One new house just hit the market and it’s unlike any other in the city. Yup, we’re talking about the infamous tiny house. This Little Italy property has been around for ages. And it looks like it’s finally up for grabs.

The property was listed this week for a whopping…drumroll please… $999,999. Yes, that is one dollar short of a million. Remember when everyone thought the global pandemic would drive Toronto real estate prices down? Guess we were wrong about that one…

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tiny house

The tiny house comes complete with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a detached garage. And, as you’d expect, they aren’t exactly spacious rooms at that. We’re thinking that the value of the actual property and location are the real driving forces behind this high price tag.

So if you’ve got a spare million dollars lying around, why not give check out this little property? It may not be big, but it’s certainly got a cute unique charm to it. And just think about all the bragging you can do when you’re the proud owner of a property that’s truly like no other.