Your morning dose of adorableness is coming out P.E.I. today. We’ve just caught wind of a wandering seal that was returned safely to water on the east coast. Apparently, the seal had explored far enough from home that it wound up in front of one Charlottetown resident’s property.

Of course, the resident promptly called the authorities to help the seal find its way home. Charlottetown Police Services responded to the call. And in a first for the department, they put the animal in the back of the patrol car and drove it safely to the water.

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The sight of a seal in the back of a cop car is definitely not something you see every day! But don’t worry. The authorities consulted with the Department of Fisheries and Ocean to make sure it was a safe option before going forward with anything. Of course, they gave the go-ahead and the rest is history.

Now the wandering seal is back in the wild where it belongs. We like to think it’s thriving out there with all its adorable seal friends.

You can read the full police report here.