It looks like we’ll have to wait even longer to soak our stress away at the highly-anticipated Nordic spa village in Whitby. The spa released an update about its progress on Wednesday, saying that the timeline for the grand opening has been pushed to spring 2022.

The CEO and founder, Martin Paquette, wrote that the Whitby location has “entered the last mile of construction,” and is “coming soon.”

“The menus for our three restaurants are penned and packed with delicious dishes. Our underground flotation pool, Källa, is soon to be filled with water. The interiors of four of our eight saunas are complete, including our event sauna, which can hold up to ninety visitors per ritual,” Paquette stated.

The pools are receiving their finishing touches in the coming weeks before the winter weather sets in. However, the village won’t be ready to open until the spring so that the remaining landscaping work can be done.

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whitby spa village
Photo via Thermëa spa village

While an exact opening date hasn’t been confirmed, the booking platform will be live at least five weeks before the grand opening. Back in August, a representative of the spa told Curiocity that it was preparing to open its doors in the coming months, however, it’s clear that months have now turned into seasons.

One thing’s for sure, though — it’ll definitely be worth the wait! Despite being just 45 minutes east of Toronto and just 10 minutes from the Whitby GO station, you’ll feel as if you’ve been whisked across the world when you’re floating on the Dead Sea-inspired waters.

The relaxation rituals you’ll experience include 6 dry saunas and 2 vapour baths, 5 warm pools, glacial plunge pools, a German-inspired Aufguss ritual in an authentic log sauna, the Middle Eastern tradition of Rhasul in a steam bath, Epsom salt flotation pools, as well as massages and various treatments.

When you’re ready to rejuvenate your appetite, there are also 3 restaurant areas to choose from, which according to Paquette, are just about ready to open up.

As for the grand opening date of this majestic spa, we’ll be sure to update you when it’s announced!

Thermëa Spa Village Whitby

Where: 4015 Cochrane St