You know us, we love a good patio. Especially now that we’re in Step 2 and after all that time we spent cooped up. We know that most of you probably feel the same way so we’re here to turn you on to yet another patio to check out. Let’s Do Summer has all the drinks, eats, and garden vibes you could possibly want on a patio.

Let’s Do Summer truly does it all. The pop-up patio is family-friendly, has wood-fired and fresh eats along with a wine bar. Plus you’ll really get that garden picnic feel thanks to the picnic table set up and bright blooms throughout. The vibe is meant to mimic your fave garden trail that you wished you could picnic. At Let’s Do Summer you can do that, have a drink, play, and snap some pics right in the heart of Toronto.

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The summer menu has some interesting eats like tacos with meat or veggie choices as well as several bbq meat options. But if you’re in the mood for something sweeter you can also enjoy campfire poutine which has marshmallows, melted chocolate, graham crackers, and vanilla drizzle. Pretty interesting right?

There’s also plenty of opportunities to have fun here. Because you can enjoy over 1km of pink flowers, turf walls, and also flower pot painting and wine tastings. It’s a great place to check out with friends or solo depending on what you’re feeling. And best of all, it’s opening this weekend.

You don’t want to miss out on this patio space and if you’d like to learn more you can click below. If you end up going be sure to tag us in one of the many pics you take.

Let’s Do Summer

When: July 16th-August 2nd
Where: 621 Richmond Street W
Cost: Free/Varies