We usually think of the US building walls in the South but now they’re doing it up North! Because apparently we can’t be trusted. And it’s happening right here in BC. But all jokes aside, the border wall is actually just a fence and it’s not quite as crazy as you might think.

The fence is located on a 4 km stretch of the border between Langley BC and Lynden Washington. And it’s cable barrier system is meant to keep cars from either accidentally or purposely driving across the border. So in other words, it’s for the safety of both countries.

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But it makes sense after all a lot of people have been using these crossings to visit each other during the pandemic. And there has been an uptick in official border crossings. So if you happen to be near the border be sure you’re staying on the right side.

If you’d like to learn more about the border wall you can click here. And only time will tell if we’ll be seeing an expansion of our new border fence. But until then, stay safe out there and if you happen to be in the area send us some pics of the new fence.