You will soon be able to wine and dine at your local corner store. A 7-Eleven location in Ontario has added wine and beer to its dine-in food menu and it’s the first of several to come in the province.

At the licensed 7-Eleven restaurant, customers will be able to choose from a menu of chilled beer, wines, and coolers, and that includes local Ontario-made products.

On the food menu will be options like Crispy Classic Chicken wings, which are made fresh in the store’s commercial-grade kitchen.

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Photo via 7-Eleven Canada

Also prepared fresh daily are menu items like chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, potato wedges, and oven-baked pizza that’s made in minutes.

You can also pick up items that are made locally and delivered fresh daily, like Big Bite Hotdogs, hot and cold sandwiches, crispy taquitos, and more.

All of the alcohol products will be secured in locked cabinets and coolers and will be available for purchase between 12 PM and 11 PM.

The province’s first 7-Eleven licensed restaurant is in Leamington, Ontario at 138 Erie Street, and features an enclosed dining area.

Nine 7-Eleven restaurants already exist in Alberta, and more are in the works for Ontario.

The restaurant is part of 7-Eleven Canada’s wider expansion to secure liquor sales licenses for locations around the province.

When more locations open up, you’ll be the first to know!