Welcome to the end of the workweek, folks! Feel like you need a little extra boost for the long weekend ahead? Well, we think a roundup of some good news stories from around Canada might help you out. After all, there’s always something good happening around here.

Let’s find out what that was this week! Here are 5 good news stories to help kick off the weekend.

A dog helped with a weather report

Sure, Fido can run, but does he understand meteorological charts? Either way, Global News viewers got a treat this week when the weatherperson’s dog entered the scene, apparently on the hunt for treats. Aptly named ‘Storm’, the pupper roamed around for pretty much the entire segment.

And a goat went shopping

The goat’s in the store… what will he buy??? Shoppers in Courtenay, BC were surprised when a local goat, apparently named Billy, strolled in to check out the handbag section. Listen Billy, you gotta build your swag from the ground up! Swing by the shoe section and see if there are any Jordans hiding over there.

Canada won gold for the first time in almost a decade

Without a doubt, the women’s hockey Canada-US rivalry is one of the greatest in sports history, having played each other for gold all but once in over 20 years. And, this week, they won gold for the first time since 2012! Congrats team, you deserve it!

And NHL Players got the go-ahead to join in for the Winter Olympics

Speaking of international hockey competitions, the Olympics confirmed that NHL players will be able to participate in the upcoming Beijing Olympics, after skipping the 2018 instalment. It’s time for a Canadian dream team to assemble once more!

We might finally get to the bottom of the McDonald’s ice cream mystery

Ice cream machine broke for a day? Understandable. Ice cream machine broke for a decade? Perplexing. Apparently, the Federal Trade Commission has opened an enquiry into why, exactly, the McDonald’s ice cream machine is perpetually broken. And finally, we might get to the bottom of this fast food rabbit hole.

Alright folks, that’s our (admittedly mixed) roundup of some good news stories from around Canada this week! We hope these put that much more of a smile on your face.