If you hop on Google and type in “McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine”, one of the top questions is “Why is the McDonald’s ice cream machine broken?” It’s an age-old question, one that’s almost as old as time and one that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) needs answers to. Yep, the Golden Arches are under investigation.

Well, they’re allegedly under investigation. The chain actually made a statement to USA TODAY, saying it has “no reason to believe we are the focus of an FTC investigation.” Now that being said, fans of the chain definitely want answers as to why these machines are always broken.

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Some folks have gone so far as to create websites tracking the machines functioning or lack thereof. Software engineer Rashiq Zahid created McBroken.com to let folks know just where the machines are out-of-order and where the chains frozen treats are available. It’s a comical issue and one that probably just boils down to the fact that the machines are kind of complicated.

Apparently, the machines need to be cleaned nightly and that alone can take four hours. So what’s the deal? Will we ever get to enjoy Mcdonald’s ice cream? According to an article from USA TODAY, the chain is apparently “working on the problems” and will introduce “new solutions” that include training and maintenance on the machines. This all sounds familiar…

Well with that, we may be one step closer to finally enjoying some of McD’s creamy goodness, or not. Either way, have a great weekend folks!