Nothing like a little booze to loosen up that artistic flair we’re hoping is inside us somewhere. Whether you’re looking for that perfect date idea or just wanna get a little crafty with the squad, paint and wine nights are the way to go in Toronto! Lucky for us, there are tons of them going on pretty much at all times around the city!

Here are 5 of our favourite paint and wine spots in Toronto.


Pour the pinot at this groovy spot. They have paint parties and classes almost every night of the week, with incredible art teachers walking you through your creations. Oh, and they also have beer available if that’s more your thang. Can’t say no to a little something to sip on while you channel Bob Ross.

Where: 2866 Dundas St W


This spot takes paint parties to a whole new level. They bring in live music to their event! Dancing to some tunes while working on our next masterpiece? Sounds good to us! Plus, they have tons of workshops and drop-in classes available.

Where: 784 College St

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This place will make you feel like more than a stick man is actually possible! They provide the materials and you provide your own creative touch. Oh, by materials, we do also mean beer and wine. Can’t paint without that!

Where: 1849 Danforth Ave


Okay this one’s a little more family-friendly, so there’s a little less booze available. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun! Use promocode OntarioPlace for $20 passes to this waterside spot. Being right by the lake has got to inspire some masterful work, right?

Where: 955 Lakeshore Blvd W


These guys are the OGs when it comes to paint parties. They hold tons of events all over the city. In fact, you can pretty much find one any night of the week. They’ll also provide talented instructors for those who are a little less artistically inclined and may be feeling nervous about baring all to the canvas.

Where: Full list of Toronto events here

Nothing to whine about here! We’ll be hitting up all of these paint nights around Toronto, pinot in hand. Channel Picasso!