Call us biased, but Calgary is one of Canada’s most interesting cities. What we lack in celebrity, palm trees and beaches, we make up for in our quality of life, clean streets and the entrepreneurial spirit. People here are driven while also easy going, our backyard is a mountainous playground and we’ve become quite the hotspot for tourists and even TV and movie sets for big-budget films with A list actors and directors. We’ve got it made here, friends – but if you’re still not convinced here are 27 other facts about Calgary that prove YYC is the G-O-A-T.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

  • The Calgary Stampede features the largest rodeo in the world. It really is the greatest show on earth, guys!
  • Fish Creek Park is the second-largest urban park in all of Canada
  • The coldest temperature ever recorded in Calgary was a bone-chilling -43 °C
  • Calgary has the highest GDP of any city in Canada
  • Cow-town is the home of the Caesar! Walter Chell invented the cocktail in 1969 to celebrate the opening night of an Italian Restaurant
  • Ginger Beef was also invented right here, by chef George Wong at Calgary’s Silver Inn
  • The median age in Calgary is a sprightly 37.6 years, making it a very young city
  • Over a quarter of Calgary’s population was born elsewhere. Meaning people are willing to move here from all over the world
  • Calgary is Canada’s sunniest city, with 333 average sunshine days per year
  • June tends to be the rainiest month, and January tends to be the coldest. Calgary weather never really follows any rules, though
  • Calgary has been named the worlds cleanest city SEVERAL times by various publications including Forbes and CNBC
  • The Calgary Zoo was rated the second-best in Canada by Trip Advisor in 2021
  • In 2019 Calgary was named Canada’s second richest city with an average household income of $89,490
  • YYC maintains approximately 1000 km of regional pathways and 96 km of trails.
  • Calgary was actually named among the best places in the world to be a filmmaker in 2020

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  • On the summer solstice, Calgary gets almost 17 hours of sunlight. Yay!
  • At the time, Calgary’s two-week-long 1988 winter Olympics were the longest to be held, ever.
  • On the winter solstice, Calgary gets a little less than 8 hours of sunlight. Boo!
  • A whopping 260 different species of birds have been recorded at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Calgary’s altitude of 3,800 feet is crazy – in fact, it’s well above (pun intended) the Canadian average
  • The Chinook winds can raise the temperature by as much as 20 degrees in a matter of hours
  • Calgary’s +15 system is the world’s largest indoor pedestrian skywalk network
  • The Calgary flames were adopted! YYC’s home team was actually known as the Atlanta Flames until 1980 when the franchise, which struggled to draw fans, was sold and relocated to Alberta
  • Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi was actually the first Muslim Mayor to ever be elected in a major Canadian city
  • The term “LOL” was apparently coined by a Calgarian
  • According to some historians, the Calgary Herald may have been the first publication to use the phrase “trick or treat” in 1927
  • Calgary first crossed the 1 million people mark in 2007

Did we get you, folks? We hope so because we’re honestly thinking of taking our new fountain of Calgary facts to the big leagues. Curiocity takes Jeopardy? Curiocity takes Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? What do guys think? Let us know if we missed anything!