It’s no secret that some of the best vegan restaurants in the world are right here in Vancouver. For years now, our city has been on the leading edge for plant-based diets, from upscale salads to hearty comfort foods. And the best part? The list just continues to grow! If you’re ready to try something new, or looking for even more options, we’ve got a serious list in store for you. So, let’s check it out!

Here are 17 of the best vegan restaurants to eat at in Vancouver.



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Having launched in the fall of last year, MILA has quickly become a must-know name in the city. The latest venture from the folks behind Virtuous Pie, MILA tends to focus on Asian cuisines. So, that means everything from Dan Dan Noodles to Mango Satay Slaw and Agedashi Tofu. However, there’s no denying it’s the sushi options, and especially the Aburi sushi, that are the must-try dishes from here.

Where: 185 Keefer Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Do Chay

Although billed as a vegetarian spot, the vast majority of the dishes at Do Chay are vegan, and oh so delicious. Offering vegan takes on classic Vietnamese options like pho, vermicelli and spring rolls, Do Chay has become a local favourite in a very short amount of time. Our advice is to try their classic pho and maybe some of the XO potstickers before you explore the rest of the menu.

Where: 1269 Hamilton Street and 1392 Kingsway
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Eternal Abundance

No longer a hidden gem for hippies, Eternal Abundance has been providing amazing groceries and cafe items for over 7 years now. What’s more, we think that it’s only getting better, especially when it comes to their food menu. Covering breakfast, lunch and dinner options, this is one of those spots where whether you’re after a smoothie or a scramble you’ll be walking away happy. Personally, we like to treat ourselves to the Quinoa Waffles at least once a month.

Where: 1025 Commercial Drive
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Bad Apple Restaurant

Another new name in the city, Bad Apple is going after the ‘comfort food’ category, and they’ve got the foot on the gas. Seriously, there are more options for fries here than there are salads, which should tell you all you need to know. We usually spring for some nachos, cauliflower wings and a couple of delicious cocktails. But, there’s no denying it’s the ‘Fig Easy’ sandwich that has become a fan favourite.

Where: 2481 E Hastings Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

The Acorn


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The Acorn has more or less become the measuring stick for vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver. After all, it did nab the top spot in a global list of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in the world a couple of years back. And while the menu isn’t as expansive as some of the other names on this list, we’re willing to guarantee that absolutely everything on it will be incredible.

Where: 3995 Main Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

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The Arbor

The younger, and more casual, sibling of The Acorn is more than deserving of a visit in its own right. Everything on the menu can be made vegan, and they’ve got some delicious burgers on the menu that will go toe to toe with any other spot in the city. We also need to recommend the Caesar Wrap, which uses crispy fried artichoke to splendid effect.

Where: 3941 Main Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Aleph Eatery

Speaking of restaurants that set the bar in Vancouver, Aleph Eatery is one spot that needs to be protected at all costs. Specializing in Middle Eastern dishes, this spot offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options. So, you can keep things classic with falafel, shawarma and shish kabob for your next big dinner. However, what stands out the most to us on the menu is their amazing Falafel Benny, available as part of their breakfast offerings.

Where: 1889 Powell Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Wurst of Us

If Arbor deserves a mention, then so does Wurst of Us. A new venture from the folks at Aleph, Wurst of Us has one thing in mind- delicious, out-of-the-box ideas for vegan hot dogs. The menu here includes classic options of course, but also Mexican, Japanese, and of course, Lebanese varieties. Think of it as like a vegan version of JapaDog, and get ready to have your mind blown.

Where: 1889 Powell Street
Options: Takeout and delivery


There’s no denying that Heirloom on Granville has one of the best interiors in Vancouver, so it’s only natural that they have the food to back it up. The entire brunch menu here can be made vegan, and so can a solid number of lunch and dinner dishes. We’re sticking with brunch though, since we’ve yet to find another spot for vegan pancakes that does it quite as well as Heirloom.

Where: 1509 W 12th Avenue and 1390 Marine Drive (West Vancouver)
Options: Dine-in and takeout

Virtuous Pie

From one space in Chinatown to an international company, Virtuous Pie is a must-know name not just for vegan fare, but for pizza in general. Opting for a delicious thin crust as the base, Virtuous Pie has a wide variety of options, ranging from classic marinara all the way to truffle touches and Buffalo cauliflower on top. The pies are super reasonably priced too, which means more cash in your pocket for their garlic knots or some mac and cheese on the side.

Where: 583 Main Street
Options: Takeout and delivery

Pizzeria Grano

Speaking of plant-based pizza, we obviously need to include Pizzeria Grano. The latest venture from the folks at Via Tevere, Grano has a wide range of bases to use and even more pizzas to try out. We say order a classic tomato sauce base for sure, but then try out their vegan bechamel options as well, if only because we didn’t even know it was possible to do it!

Where: 3240 Main Street
Options: Takeout and delivery

Bandidas Taqueria

Literally everything on the menu at this amazing Mexican restaurant can be made vegan, so we have no issues including it in this roundup. Bandidas has become an East Van staple over the years, and moreover, a must-know name when it comes to vegan restaurants in Vancouver in general. If you’re craving delicious tacos, burritos, meal kits and more, make sure to keep this spot in mind.

Where: 2781 Commercial Drive
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery



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We’re pleasantly surprised by Chickpea’s success in the city. With undoubtedly the most specific focus, Chickpea offers (unsurprisingly) a whole boatload of chickpea-based dishes, in addition to some classic sides and salads. Our advice? Work up an appetite then go splitsies on the ‘Halfla’ dish, which is your choice of main plus all the dips and sides you can ask for.

Where: 4298 Main Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery


If Bad Apple is the new kid on the block for comfort food vegan restaurants in Vancouver, then MeeT is the president of the Homeowner Association. A mainstay since 2013, MeeT has more or less perfected the art of making delicious, approachable plant-based food. So, whether you’re craving a delicious noodle bowl or are just ready to dive into their stellar poutine, this is a spot that you can always count on to deliver.

Where: Multiple Locations
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery


Kokomo is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a modern vegan eatery in Vancouver, and we love them for it. Offering delicious plant-based bowls, smoothies and more, this spot should be considered a staple when you’re trying to enjoy a nice meal outwards, whether in a nearby park or on your balcony. Their savoury options are great, but we usually spring for the Kokomo Acai bowl and indulge our sweet tooth.

Where: Locations in Kits and Yaletown
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Bonus Bakery

Finally, something to satisfy even the sweetest of tooths in the city. This plant-based bakery downtown offers some incredibly sweet treats, from cinnamon buns to cookies. But, it’s their sprinkle batter that takes the cake here, which is fitting. Their latest version? Cake jars, which are no doubt going to be eternally sold out all summer long.

Where: 1185 W Georgia Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Bonus Pick- BeetBox

Speaking of bonuses, BeetBox does vegan food so well that we sometimes straight-up forget that it’s completely plant-based. Maybe it’s because their burgers are so delicious, but it’s more likely the unbelievably good Fried Chick’Un sandwiches that throw us for a loop. Add in the fact that they’ve been creating incredible picnic boxes and slushie kits for summer, and this has become a verified staple for all diners, not just vegans.

Where: 1074 Davie Street
Options: Takeout and delivery

Alright folks, that’s our roundup of some of the best vegan restaurants to eat at in Vancouver. We know it’s a pretty long list, but dang it if we don’t want to showcase all of the amazing plant-based options this city has to offer, and we didn’t even cover all of them!