Summer is around the corner, people! You know what that means! Time for a little wardrobe upgrade. Don’t want to break the bank while shopping for new threads? Why not check out one of Toronto’s many amazing local vintage shops? Even though retail stores are closed for regular shopping ATM, there’s plenty of places offering delivery or curbside pickup. Sure, it’s not quite the same as perusing a place in person. But it’s a solid second and we’re alright with that for now.

Here are 10 of the best local vintage shops in Toronto offering delivery or curbside pickup right now.


We can’t talk vintage without mentioning one of Toronto’s most popular spots. Black Market has been a top choice for thrifting for as long as thrifting has been cool. Lucky for everyone, they’ve got an online store to tide us over until the in-person spot is allowed to open for real. Peruse their ever-changing collection to find items available for delivery and curbside pickup.

Where: 347 Queen St W



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Moving from Queen West to Kensington Market, we’ve got the spot that’s got everyone talking. Located in the famous bright blue building in one of Toronto’s artsiest neighbourhoods, a shopping spree at Courage My Love is always a good idea. You can explore their Esty shop right now.

Where: 14 Kensington Ave or Check it out on Etsy


Another great Kensington Market staple has got to be Breathless Vintage. This gorgeous joint offers a selection of vintage clothing, shoes, bags, and loads of accessories. Although you can’t stop by and peruse in person, their online store stands up to the test. This Toronto spot even offers worldwide shipping.

Where: 9 Kensington Ave


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Okay, yes. Another pick in Kensington Market. What can we say? This neighbourhood is a vintage lover’s dream. You’ll definitely go crazyloko for the picks at this great store. What? The pun was right there. Anyway, this spot offers a selection of vintage goods covering everything from denim to designer, from outwear to accessories. There’s no end to their great picks!

Where: 44 Kensington Ave


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Head on over to Queen Street East for a more curated feel to your vintage shopping. This incredible spot has a hand-selected collection made up of items from as far back as the 1800s. Their offerings toe the line of cool wardrobe pieces and straight-up should-be-museum artifacts. When you order from here, you’ll find clothing, office goods, posters, and more.

Where: 1300 Queen St E

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This boutique vintage shop has hand-picked selections just for you. The joint first opened back in 2009 as a monthly pop-up called The Chosen One. Of course, they were so popular that they eventually developed into an all-the-time store. Now you can browse the virtual collection and yearn for the days when you’ll be able to stop by in person once again. In the meantime, the spot is offering local and international shipping.

Where: 1599 Dundas St W


Enjoy all things retro at the Penny Arcade. This awesome spot is a curated collection of vintage goods you’ve got to see to believe. Along with amazing clothing items like denim, jackets, dresses, sweaters, and more, they’ve also got goods like artwork, jewelry, and even apothecary items. You can enjoy curb-side pick from this spot every Thursday through Sunday.

Where: 1177 Dundas St W



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If you’re looking for bright and colourful vintage pieces this spring, Mama Loves You is the place to hit. This Queen West joint is offering FREE delivery in Canada and the US when you order goodies through their website. The online collection is stacked with floral printed pieces like dresses, shirts, and skirts.

Where: 541 Queen St W



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This next joint is the cat’s meow! That’s an expression, right? Like the bee’s knees. Ah, you get what we’re saying! This Avenue Road spot offers vintage goodies on the more luxurious end of things. Their selection of couture and designer pieces are straight out of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. They’re hand-picked and curated to provide the perfect collection.

Where: 180 Avenue Rd


Last but not least, we’ve got Toronto Vintage. This trendy Danforth shop has more than just vintage clothing. They’ve also got great goodies like vintage cameras, old times phones and radios, and even home accessories! We can’t get over the adorable selection of handmade jewelry and handwritten cards they sell as well.

Where: 1884 Danforth Ave

So get out there (or rather get online) and check out Toronto’s best local vintage shops. It’s the perfect way to spruce up your spring wardrobe.