Everybody knows the unofficial animal of Toronto is the raccoon. No one roams the city streets quite like a trash panda! Well, what if we told you there’s a way to experience a virtual respite from the never-ending stay-at-home-order by living like this iconic Toronto animal? Thanks to a new locally-created video game, that might just be possible.

Scarborough resident and filmmaker Jason Leaver is the mind behind the virtual experience. When film productions were put on hold at the beginning of the pandemic, he put his skills to work creating a video game instead. Its working title is Trash Panda Game and it’s currently in its beta testing stages.

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So here’s how it’ll work. You’ll play as the protagonist, a raccoon roaming the streets of Toronto on garbage day. Your mission will be to wreak havoc on the city by knocking over as many garbage bins as possible. So it’s a pretty true-to-life game!

At the moment, a few details are still being worked out. Will the raccoon be dressed in a Canadian tuxedo? Will you be given an AI raccoon competitor to up the stakes of the game? All those details will be figured out in the near future. What we know for sure: Leaver says he wants to make this game “disgustingly Canadian.”

As of right now, there’s no official release date. But we know once this thing does hit the market, we’ll be giving it a whirl. Who wouldn’t want to experience the city through the eyes of its most loved and hated animal???