With limited options for entertainment, folks in the GTA are getting creative. Like, really creative. So creative, in fact, that one adult entertainment spot in Vaughan just announced that they’re opening up an outdoor experience unlike any other. The world’s first golf practice facility in a strip club parking lot is officially on its way.

We can’t make this stuff up, people! Club Pro Adult Entertainment made the official announcement on Instagram a few days ago, sharing the soon-to-be spot’s name, along with a few other details. Brace yourselves for this one, folks. It’s going to be called… Stiff Shafts Golf. We’ll let you unpack that innuendo on your own.

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Of course, given how few options there are to spend your time these days, we won’t be surprised if this spot is a hit. Golf courses have been one of the only outdoor sporting facilities consistently allowed to be open (for the most part). Plus, we’re sure the unique extras the spot is offering will draw in the crowds. We could certainly name one pro golfer who would probably be a fan of the place!

There’s no word yet on the official opening date, but if you’d like more updates you can follow along on Instagram. You can scroll through the comments there to read all the obligatory hole-in-one jokes that probably came to mind when you saw the title of this article.


Where: Club Pro Parking Lot, 170 Doughton Rd, Vaughan