The first full week of April means the first full week of April good news, and we got a lot to choose from. From pizza to beaches to more pizza, this week is overflowing with stories to make you smile. And there is no better time than the present to remind yourself that there are some great, really happy things happening across Canada.

So strap in, turn on your good vibe receptors and get ready for some great news stories from the last week.

A New Museum With the World’s Largest Inuit Art Collection Is Opening in Winnipeg

The history of Indigenous people in Canada just got a whole lot more accessible! This new museum, opening at the Manitoba capital, is called Qaumajuq (pronounced KOW-ma-yourk) and is open for virtual tours.

Vancouver’s Emily Carr Was Named The Best Art and Design School In Canada

Would you expect anything different? Emily Carr has been the gold standard for all the artsy creative types for years. So it is super cooln that it finally got the official recognition it deserves from the QS World University Rankings.

Ontario, BC, and Quebec Have The Most High-Paying Job Openings

Job searching? Job searching for that beefy paycheck? Well, depending on where you live you’re in luck. The job-seeking platform Jobseems just released a ranking of Canadian provinces and how many high-paying jobs are up for grabs, and boy, there are a few. Might be time to take out that resume and shoot your shot.

A National Pizza Week Is Coming to Canada This May

We’ll take any excuse to order pizza, especially if there’s a whole week dedicated to it. Put together by the people who do the La Poutine Week, La Pizza week is showcasing pizza concoctions from across the country. So, if you’ve got an interesting pizza idea, you better apply to be featured.

Eric Church Has Announced Five Canadian Dates For His Post-Pandemic Tour

We’re in desperate need of some music to soothe our souls and we’re absolutely giddy to go to a concert. This is why it’s super awesome that CMA Entertainer of the Year Eric Church is booking appearances in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Toronto, and Ottawa in October 2021 and January 2022.

Lonely Planet has Ranked the 10 Ten Beaches in Canada for 2021

As spring slowly blossoms into summer, the beach really seems to be calling our name. And Lonely Planet has put together a guide to keep us sunbathing, swimming and building sandcastles all summer long. The 10 beaches they ranked all have their own reason for being featured and there are some solid picks on the list.

The 2021 List of The Top Medium and Small Businesses in Canada List is Out

Canada is teeming with amazing small businesses. And Mediacorp, who does a yearly round of the top ones, just put out their list for 2021. On the list includes Righteous gelato, sports media company TheScore and the tech group Redbrick.

You Can Get 50% Off Domino’s Pizza This Week Across Canada

You’re dang right we got two pizza good news stories this week. If you’re feeling that hankering for some great pizza, this is your chance to get a killer deal. All you need to do is use the special code and then, boom, half-off pizza. You’re welcome.

The Entire Schitt’s Creek Cast Won A Screen Actors Guild Award

We don’t need to tell you that Schitt’s Creek is a hilarious show, and one of the things that makes it great is the cast. So it’s no surprise that the show won the Best Ensemble Cast Award at the 27th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. That means all three Levys, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, and everyone else on the show went home with an award.

With that round-up of good news, we hope that you smiled at least once, maybe twice. There’s a whole lot to be happy about, and we’re very happy to bring you all the fun, good and happy stories of the last week.