While we’ve had some pretty above-seasonal temperatures lately, the idea of camping may still sound a little too chilly. There’s a solution – yurts! Yurts are a cozy and sometimes stylish way to camp, so why not try it out this spring?

Here are the yurts available in Ontario Parks this April.

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Algonquin Provincial Park (Mew Lake)

There are six yurts available to book this April at Algonquin Provincial Park’s Mew Lake.

Each yurt has a table and chairs, two sets of futon bunk beds (sleeps up to six), electrical heat, fluorescent lighting, and one electrical outlet. A picnic table and fire pit can be found outside.

  • Site 34: April 1st-5th & 14th-16th
  • Site 35: April 7th-12th
  • Site 36: April 3rd-5th, 7th-12th & 14th-19th
  • Site 38: April 9th-12th, 14th-19th & 24th-26th
  • Site 39: April 7th-12th
  • Site 40: April 7th-12th & 14th-20th

Reserve your stay here. Nighty stays start at $144.90

Where: Algonquin Provincial Park (Mew Lake)
Cost: $144.90 per night

Killarney Provincial Park

Head to Killarney Provincial Park if you want to camp in a stylish yurt in April!

There are six available with each accommodation sleeping six people and featuring two bunk beds each, lighting, electric heat, and a power outlet.

Outside of the yurts, there is a propane barbecue, two picnic tables, and a fire pit.

  • Site Y1: April 1st-5th, 15th-19th, 21st-23rd & 28th-30th
  • Site Y2: April 1st-5th, 15th-19th & 21st-26th
  • Site Y3: April 1st-5th, 7th-12th, 22nd-26th & 28th-30th
  • Site Y4: April 1st-5th, 7th-9th, 22nd-26th & 29th-30th
  • Site Y5: April 1st-5th, 7th-11th, 14th-20th & 29-30
  • Site Y6: April 8th-12th & 29th-30th

You can reserve one of the six yurts here, with nightly stays priced at $144.90

Where: Killarney Provincial Park
Cost: $144.90 per night

MacGregor Point Provincial Park

At MacGregor Point Provincial Park there are two yurts available to book in April!

Six people can fit in each yurt on two sets of bunk beds, a table and chairs, lighting, electric heat and an electrical outlet.

Outside you can find a fire pit, kitchen shelter, picnic tables, and propane barbecue.

  • Site 46: April 1st-5th, 9th-12th, 14th-18th & 29th-30th
  • Site 48: April 7th-12th, 14th-18th & 29th-30th

Where: MacGregor Point Provincial Park
Cost: $144.90 per night

Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery Provincial Park has five eight-sided yurts on site ready for April.

Each yurt has two bunk beds, a table and four chairs, electric lighting, and a heater for cool weather camping. Six people can fit per yurt.

A gas barbecue, a fire pit, and a picnic table can be found outside the structures.

  • Site 477: April 1st-5th, 7th-12th & 14th-19th
  • Site 478: April 1st-5th, 7th-12th & 14th-19th
  • Site 480A: April 1st-5th, 15th-19th, 23rd-26th & 28th-30th
  • Site 480C: April 9th-11th & 17th-19th
  • Site 480D: April 1st-5th, 7th-12th, 16th-19th, 22nd-26th & 28-30

Where: Pinery Provincial Park
Cost: $144.90 per night

Enjoy these glamping yurts in Ontario Parks this April, Ontario!