Are you ready to leave your boring old 9-5 and open your own coffee shop? Maybe host like open-mic nights and sell some local art? This might just be the spot you’re looking for. The Gastown location of Prado Cafe is up for sale, and it’ll set you back just under $100,000.

Located at 100 Hastings Street, the cafe has been a Prado location for the past 6 or so years. The listing boasts that the space has great natural lighting, thanks to large bay windows facing the street. And apparently, the business has been ‘very successful’ ever since Prado moved in. Our first idea? That’s easy- turn it into a spite store. Maybe even a deli.

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Of course, it should be noted that the $99,000 price tag does not include the brand itself, and you’ll still have to pay rent every month. It ain’t too cheap either- the 1,500 sq. ft. space costs just over $6,300/month for base rent. So yeah, think of that initial purchase as more like the tip of the iceberg.

Even still, we’re hoping something cool rolls along to fill Prado’s shoes. Maybe like a weird artisanal tea shop? Or some kind of crazy art and fashion magazine/coffee shop hybrid? Heck folks, if you’re looking at actually buying this place, we’ll be happy to consult a little bit on it. As long as we get freebies when it opens!