We’re sure that whoever’s running the McDonald’s Canada Twitter page is hyperventilating right now. Earlier today, their account put out a ‘teaser’ of a new menu item, hoping to stoke the flames of social media. Well, they ended up lighting a bonfire.

Within minutes, the replies started pouring in, but they focused on two of McDonald’s most elusive menu items- the McRib and the McPizza (which hasn’t been widely available since the 80s).

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Heck, even the long-forgotten ‘McDLT’ was mentioned, which of course, we have to share the iconic 1985 commercial for (featuring Jason Alexander).

Naturally, whichever intern is running the McDonald’s account had to try and navigate these, admittedly, very deep-dive suggestions. And while we admire them for their tenacity, there’s no way they can confirm or deny the guesses, leading to even more speculation…

So, how’s this all going to play out? Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure- we can’t wait until August 31st for the official reveal. If only for the Twitter storm that will inevitably follow it.