If you ever griped that Netflix doesn’t do a good job of showing the full scope of its content, then keep reading. Today, the massive streaming service announced it has created a new Netflix Top 10 website, so you can check out weekly and all-time lists of what’s popular around the world.

The aptly titled Top10 on Netflix website breaks the content down into four categories- Films and TV, English, and Non-English. So, for example, if you wanted to see what the most popular Film in English was last week, you’d discover that it was Red Notice, with some 149m hours of viewing from around the world.

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What’s more, you can get even more specific by checking out a single country’s Top 10 for the same time period. So, if instead, you were wondering what was popular in, say, Nicaragua, you can check that out too. There are some 90 countries on there, by the way, so you can really dive deep on this one.

And going back to the global lists, the final fun bit of data is their all-time bests, based on hours viewed in the first 28 days of being on the platform. Thought Tiger King was popular? It doesn’t even crack the Top 10, while Squid Game absolutely crushed everything else to date, with an insane 1.65 billion hours. That’s over 188,000 years of TV in a month, folks.

Ok, we’re getting off track here. If you’d like to explore the newly created Netflix Top 10 for yourself, then just click the link above. Hopefully, this helps your next “what to watch” dilemma!