The pandora’s box of private zoo drama is about to be opened again, folks. Netflix has announced the return of one of the most unhinged docuseries we’ve ever seen. That’s right, we’re talking about Tiger King 2. What’s more, there’s already a teaser trailer out.

Having launched in mid-March of last year, the original Tiger King series became a global phenomenon, reaching some 64 million households in the first few weeks after the premiere. So, we’re happy to see that the producer/director Eric Goode will be spearheading Tiger King 2 as well. Consistency is key!

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Of course, the show was built around the personalities, and it seems as though they’ll all be coming back. That’s music to our eyes, because frankly, the show only got more wild as more details came out. With any luck, this follow-up series will dispel fact from fiction while unveiling some new facts about this, uh, interesting slice of the world.

Whatever happens, we’ll be able to watch it ourselves later this year! Tiger King 2 is set to be released globally on November 17th. And, we’re already thinking about viewing party themes.