It’s nearly been a year since the reboot of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock began filming in Calgary, but we finally have our first look at the upcoming season!

Using the code name ‘Raphanus’ which is Spanish for Radish (a call back to the original characters), the folks at the Calgary Film Center have been working tirelessly to recreate the sing-songy show so many loved growing up and it looks like they’ve succeeded!

In a teaser dropped on Monday by Apple TV, the ever-familiar cast of shaggy-haired characters appear just as alive as they did when we still believed that once the cameras stopped rolling the puppets drove home like everybody else.

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Of course, we’ve since learned about the hands up their backs, but we love them no less and were just excited to see them hit the screen once again.

If only for our kids, friends nuggets, and nieces or nephews, it’s nice to see that a show meant only to make people smile has returned and will premiere on January 21st.

Until then, check out the video above folks. We can almost guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face – no matter your age.