Alberta is full of secrets, hidden gems, and unique destinations but man, if this is not one of the best we’re not sure what is. Located alongside the Red Deer River concealed deep within the grounds of Ya Ha Tinda Ranch and Bighorn Campground, adventure seekers will find the Scalp Creek waterslides, the hottest way to cool off on a warm day.

Now we’re not going to lie, this one is a toughie to find but to say that it’s worth it would be an understatement. Those willing to trek through the federally owned site can enjoy a full day of flying down a beautiful natural waterslide and you bet you’re going to pick up some serious speed.

To get there, you are going to need a compass, a good pair of shoes and of course the map – which we’ve linked here. Also, it’s important that you guys are as safe and as respectful as possible!

Basically, once you’re at the campground crossing, you’ll have to head NW along the creek which you’ll cross 4 times if you manage to stay on course. The whole trip will take about 2.5 to 3 hours there and back (depending on how fast you travel) so plan accordingly!

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Natural Water slides at the Yaha Tinda from Justin Graham on Vimeo.

That might seem like a lot, but as we said earlier, it will absolutely be worth it! You see, even after you’ve zipped down the slide a few times, there’s still plenty to do and see in the area including a hidden waterfall and the incredible Eagle View Point – both of which are amazing!

This really is a one-of-a-kind experience, so this summer – check it out!


Where: Bighorn Campground – Directions here
Distance from Calgary:  182 km
Distance From Edmonton: 334 km