Do you have a Toronto Public Library card? You may not know that you can use it for a lot more than just books. Your Toronto library card actually grants you free admission to the city’s top museums and cultural attractions.

Toronto Public Library’s Museum and Arts (MAP) Pass lets you and your family access all kinds of exciting destinations for free with a single library card.

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It’s worth noting that there is a limit of one MAP Pass per person per week. Also, each destination has its own rules and restrictions on the number of people allowed on one pass.

However, most places admit two adults and two children with one pass. The pass also expires three months after checkout.

Once you’ve used one pass, you are welcome to re-visit any venue by signing out another pass, or by borrowing a pass for another participating venue.

Here are the awesome museums and cultural attractions that you can check out with your library card.


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 Right now, you can get a MAP Pass to these museums at all open library branches:

You can get a pass to these museums at 50 branches only:

You can get a pass to these venues at 32 branches only:

You can learn more about the Toronto Public Library’s Museum and Arts Pass by clicking here. Enjoy folks!