If you want an unforgettable Christmas tree experience this year you should consider cutting down your own. Christmas Tree Permits just became available for Olympic National Forest and all you need is a few dollars, some tools, and the desire for a road trip. Ready to get your best tree yet? Keep on reading.

Tree permits cost only $5 and allow you to cut down any evergreen except for Western White Pines. Now by any evergreen, we mean that they also must not be taller than 15 feet tall and also cannot be located in a prohibited area. The rules are pretty simple but we’ll list them all below so that you can decide if this tree picking experience is for you.

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Here are the exact specifications for selecting your perfect tree. If you decide you want to grab your own permit you can click here to snag one.

Where to cut your tree:

  • Trees may be cut from along roads, from forest plantations, and in the understory of older stands.

  • Be sure to be on Forest Service land. Know before you go.

  • Cut trees only if there is a standing tree within 10 feet to avoid denuding areas.

  • Do not cut trees within 100 feet of campgrounds or trailheads.

  • Christmas tree cutting is PROHIBITED within the Quinault Special Management Area, designated wilderness, and Research Natural Areas.

Selecting your tree:

  • Each forest has limitations on the size of the tree you can cut and the species of trees that are permitted. See below to help you measure and choose a tree that meets your permit’s guidelines.

  • Any evergreen are available for cutting except Western White Pine

  • Tree Height: 15 feet maximum

  • Do not remove the top of the tree; cut down the entire tree

  • Washington State Law requires a hauling permit for hauling more than five trees on/in a vehicle at one time.