Well, it’s official — Ontario’s real estate market has hit a new low. If you ever hope to own a home in this province without a $200,000 income, you may have to set your sights on a cardboard box. And be prepared for a bidding war.

Yes, you read that right. A home just went up for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Woodstock, Ontario and it’s made entirely out of cardboard.

The cost? Oh, just a mere $100,000, but the seller expects it to go for double the asking price.

It may not seem like much from the outside, but this place has a lot going for it. The “newly-built” luxury cardboard pad has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and multiple entrances.

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cardboard box home for sale
Photo via Sarah Hern / Facebook

“No lowball offers. Sight unseen. No walkthroughs. No home inspections,” the description reads.

‘Comes with courtyard and an overhang. Three separate entrances to the house and upgraded windows and skylights and cathedral [ceiling] in the front Foyer. Appliances not included.”

cardboard box home for sale
Photo via Sarah Hern / Facebook

It seems safe to assume that this post was intended as a joke. But, let’s be honest, crazier things have happened in the wild world of Ontario real estate.

A ramshackle Mississauga home that was practically filled to the brim with garbage just sold for nearly $1 million.

It may not have any insulation or a door you can fit a single leg through, but a detached home for a price like that? Cardboard box life suddenly seems idyllic.