Looks like our white Christmas might happen after all! A winter storm in Ontario late this week could mean that we’ll get a blanket of fresh snow for the holidays.

According to Environment Canada, an “intense low pressure system” will develop on Thursday evening and into Friday, followed by “very strong wings” and precipitation on Friday and Saturday.

Depending on the region, the precipitation could end up being rain, snow, or both. Areas that get snowfall are also more likely to get blowing snow, which means “holiday travel will be severely impacted.”

However, the specifics are still unknown, such as which areas will get rain or snow.

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Environment Canada says that there is “lots of uncertainty” surrounding the potential winter storm, but suggests you keep an eye on the forecast and adjust your travel plans accordingly.

Right now, The Weather Network’s forecast shows 5 to 10 cm of “mixed precipitation” (a.k.a. rain or snow) on Friday, December 23rd. followed by 2 cm to 4 cm of scattered flurries on Saturday the 24th.

It’s going to be cold too. The wind chill will make it feel colder than -10°C throughout Christmas weekend. Perfect weather for spending time with loved ones at home.

As for what the winter season has in store, Ontario will experience a colder-than-normal start to winter along with the rest of Canada.

However, there’s some good news for those who want some relief from the cold.

“Winter will take a break at times with periods of mild weather during January and February, especially from southern Ontario to Newfoundland,” said The Weather Network in their winter weather outlook.

An “extended thaw” could take place in southern Ontario later this winter, but the season will also bring “a messy mix of snow, ice, and even rain at times,” and precipitation levels will likely be above-normal.

Looks like we will just have to cross our fingers for some mild weather and stay warm in the meantime!