Canada is taking a stance against plastic pollution. Starting on December 20th, there will be a single-use plastic ban in Canada to stop the manufacturing and importing of certain “harmful” items, according to the federal government.

Described as a “world-leading” ban, the government says that this will eliminate over 1.3 million tonnes of plastic waste.

It will also eliminate over 22,000 tonnes of plastic pollution, which is apparently equivalent to “over one million full garbage bags.”

The ban is targeting items that are hard to recycle, including plastic cutlery and bags.

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As of this week, Canada will prohibit the manufacturing and import for sale of these items:

  • checkout bags
  • cutlery
  • foodservice ware made from, or containing, problematic plastics that are hard to recycle
  • stir sticks
  • straws

The manufacturing and import of ring carriers will be banned starting in June 2023.

Cutlery includes forks, spoons, knives, and chopsticks. Foodservice ware includes clamshell containers and plastic lidded containers, cups, plates, bowls, and more.

As for straws, that includes both the staight and bendable drinking straws.

In 2023, Canada will also require certain plastic packaging to be made from at least 50% recycled material.

Plus, the government is developing a plastic registry that will hold producers accountable for how much waste they generate.

The government says its goal is to eventually produce zero plastic waste, and this single-use plastic ban is a major step toward making that happen.