Drop everything, except for that wing! St. Louis Bar & Grill is bringing back its popular annual All-You-Can-Eat chicken wings event, Wingsanity for an entire month. And like last year, they’ve come up with a special gift for wing-loving customers to keep them covered from the saucy experience – literally.

Starting May 30th to July 2nd, the Canadian wing chain welcomes all to indulge in Wingsanity and enjoy their favourite flavoured wings, as much as they want.

This year, St. Louis is introducing the Mother Cluckin’ Poncho. According to the chain, it is inspired by the millions of guests who leave the restaurants drenched in sauce.

Sounds like they’ve got some really messy eaters. But can we blame them?

“Vigorously tested by St. Louis’ in-house team of professional chicken wing eaters, the poncho was recently certified by the company as 100% wing sauce-resistant and patio-approved,” shares the restaurant team.

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Last year, St. Louis decided to create 400 ‘epic’ wet naps – 10 ft. x 10 ft. in size to ensure you didn’t miss a spot.

“After years of seeing so many of our guests leaving Wingsanity dripping in sauce, we had a responsibility to fulfil. We stand behind our Clean as Cluck Poncho in its ability to provide the protection required to fully participate in Wingsanity,” said Royal Nasager, VP Marketing, St. Louis Bar & Grill.

There’s only a limited number of Clean as Cluck Ponchos that will be given away to guests each day at all St. Louis locations across Canada.

The annual All-You-Can-Eat event can be enjoyed for $23.99 at all its 75 locations across Canada.

Make sure to come hungry and be ready to eat!

St. Louis Bar & Grill All-You-Can-Eat wings

When: May 30th to July 2nd, 2023
Where: All locations across Canada
$23.99 plus tax