A night out for some hot wings is never a bad idea, but you’ll definitely be pushing the limits during the upcoming ‘Wingsanity’ event from St. Louis Bar and Grill. The Canadian brand took a two-year hiatus from the event, but it’s coming back, and with a very weird gimmick for some lucky diners.

That’s because this year, St. Louis has decided to create 400 ‘epic’ wet naps, which measure a whopping 10 ft. x 10 ft. in size. Yeah, this is well beyond normal cleanliness after a wing feast, and dangerously close to Frank Reynolds territory.

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During the Wingsanity event, which runs from June 14th to July 17th, one winner will be chosen each week at each location. So, if you don’t manage to get your hands on this wild wing wet nap on the first go, you might get lucky another week. Plus, the $23.99 price for their AYCE wing deal is a pretty good price as-is, as long as you mix in a little celery and carrots on the side. You know, for your health.

So if you’re craving some wings over the next month and a bit, keep this deal in mind. To find the nearest St. Louis Bar and Grill to you, just head over to their website.