Well, folks. It’s been almost exactly a year since White Claw practically took over liquor stores, dorm fridges and the hearts of seltzer fans all over the country. Now, in celebration of a record-breaking year, they’ve announced that they’ll be launching two new flavours Canada-wide.

White Claw Raspberry and Watermelon will soon hit shelves from coast to coast, starting with Alberta and British Columbia who will be able to their hands on a box of each as soon as March 1st.

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Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan will also be among the first to be able to pick up a box, but will only have one flavour to choose from for the time being.

Other provinces, like Manitoba, Newfoundland, Ontario, PEI, and Quebec will have to wait until April 1st, but it’ll fly by! We promise! For a complete list of launch dates per province, check out their official website here. 

Get ready, Canada! A refreshing revolution is coming and it’s going to taste great.