A White Claw’s newest product drop appeared in LCBO at Front & Spadina over the weekend. And it was unveiled today. Lo and behold, the new White Claw Vodka!

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill vodka or even your average premium vodka. The new White Claw Vodka is an innovation in itself. Clearly, from the massive line that accumulated at the LCBO post-launch earlier this week. 


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Plus, it is the world’s first-ever Triple Wave Filtered Vodka. What that means is that the brand’s 100% single-grain vodka is filtered three times using pressure equal to the power of a 30ft wave.

white claw vodka

The result is a superior, smoother spirit the likes of which you’ve never tasted before. Pretty neat, eh? And, the new White Claw product is available in Ontario in Premium and in the iconic Black Cherry flavour.  

Clearly, our boozy bevies just got a seriously smooth and delicious upgrade.

An even better news is that the new vodka is available across all LCBO locations. So, it won’t be a Herculean task to get your hands on it.

Here’s to a boozy spring and a boozier summer!