Toronto is known for many things – its infrastructure, livability, technological growth, among other aspects. On a global scale, it is a powerhouse in comparison to other major cities. But as one of the leading cities in the world, according to a new ranking, it has yet to fully prove itself in a number of other factors.

The Global Power City Index ranking reviews and ranks the major cities in the globe by “their comprehensive power to attract people, capital, and enterprises from around the world,” according to a release. And Toronto was ranked in the top 25 major cities for its “magnetism.”

In order to do so, it looks at six important factors – Economy, Research and Development, Cultural Interaction, Livability, Environment, and Accessibility.

Well, according to the list, Toronto comes in first place when it comes to Canadian cities and Vancouver in 2nd. But on a global scale, our beloved city placed 22nd. As for who came out on top – London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, and Singapore lead the charts, in that order.

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Photo via Global Power City Index 2022

Per the report, Toronto saw lower numbers under the “Cultural Interaction” category which includes “trendsetting potential”, “tourism resources”, cultural facilities”, “visitor amenities” and “international interaction”. This may come as a shock for some considering that Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada. It did come in 30th place under that factor.

But Toronto did see some success and high scores under the “Livability” and “Environment” factors, coming in 15th and 17th, respectively.

Though Toronto might not be the top dog in this list, it has definitely been at the top in a few others. Back in November, Toronto managed to sneak into the top 20 list of the best and worst places to live for Expats. The city also made it into the Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022 list.

But, according to this ranking, Toronto has A LOT more work to do.